March 3, 2017
      • Equus Management Group Customer Testimonials, Letters and Reviews

        Thank you to the HOA Boards of Directors of Equus Management Group who have been so kind as to send us these great testimonials, letters and reviews! It's our pleasure to serve you and we pledge to continue to provide you with the optimum level of customer service you deserve.

      • Equus NEW Client Testimonial 2017

        "I've been working with Equus Management Group for two months. I rate their reliability, timeliness and responsiveness to our HOA needs, as "high" compared to previous management companies that we have used in the past. I absolutely find the staff to be user friendly when interfacing with them. Their main strengths include: follow-through, and transparent communication with board and owners. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the BEST, as the President of our association, I would rate Equus Management Group a "10". We interviewed 4 companies and felt that Equus was the best for our community and our issues repairing roofs; changing CC&R’s; landscape background and experience; and workshops which encourage the Board to become knowledgeable."

        KW- HOA President



      • Equus Client Testimonial 2017

        "The Spanish Springs Valley Ranches Property Owners Association (SSVRPOA for short) hired Equus Management group as our Professional Management in 2007.  We had been self managed for the 30 years prior.  We never have found any reason to hire another Management Company. We have found the staff we have dealt with to be courteous and user friendly when interfacing. I would say their greatest strength for us was their willingness to timely help solving problems when they arose and they problems always do. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would like to say "10".  However, fiduciarily the HOA or POA must at least occasionally consider other firms.  We found Equus Management Group very knowledgeable about the law (although they didn't provide legal advice as such, referring us to our attorney when helping with those problems) as well as various vendors that could assist us in solving problems."

        TB- HOA President

      • Equus Client Testimonial 2017

        "In a few words I have been treasurer for just over 11 years and have had Equus as our HOA Management Company for 10 years.  We are very happy with their performance and would easily give them a 9 out of 10 on our relationship with them.  However, the quality of our relationship is very much dependent on having a very good community manager like I do at Equus which I work with closely on a daily basis."

        VS- HOA Treasurer

      • Letters and e-mails

      • "A Locally owned, family run business like Equus Management Group is not only a great place to work, but the trained CAM's offer the highest possible level of service. I am impressed with the advanced technology that they provide to the community, including password protected user log-ins and a user friendly ACC online system which helps streamline processes. There's just a level of professionalism that sets Equus apart from the competition. I highly recommend these HOA managers for any association in northern Nevada needing reliability, honesty and integrity." R. LaHue, VP, Executive BOD, South West Vistas HOA, Reno, NV

        Letter to Equus Management Group

      • "Our board really loves the updated technology. The Equus Community Portal is so convenient that I didn't even have to leave the house this morning to sign checks, and improve the most recent invoices. It allows us to view our associations financial reports in real time, along with so many other useful features. I highly recommend Equus Management not because of their great technology, but their managers are so kind and easy to work with." A. Martinez

        Letter to Equus Mangement Group

      • Dear Jamie, Please tell your CEO that we appreciate his letter so very much and hope that all of the homeowners/tenants in our Meadows appreciate the work that your company has done on our behalf in the 10 years that I have been dealing with you guys. Love it! A. Frazzitta

        Letter to Equus Mangement Group

      • "I always enjoy working with the staff at Equus Management! The Community Managers are always professional, on top of things and really seem to care about their Associations! Great Job Equus Management!" M. Betterly

        Facebook Review

      • I want to thank you and your staff for those extra efforts given to produce and mail our September newsletter. As a direct result of your capable management and personal efforts, our homeowners have now begun to receive a newsletter with appropriate information that is presented in a proper format with proper grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation. How refreshing! Kudos to you and your staff and thanks for your continued efficient professional management on behalf of Curti Ranch Two Landscape Maintenance Association. The level of competency and professionalism in management skills which you bring to our association serves as a constant reminder that our Board of Directors made the right decision to seek a new management company and that we made an excellent choice in employment of Equus Management Group. Thanks for another job well done! A. Cannady


      • Dear Equus, Since you have assumed the duties as our Community Management Company, I have felt as though a thousand pounds have been lifted off my shoulders. It's literally a new day. I no longer feel that I have to scrutinize every action regarding the care of our community as I did with the last management company. As you know, I voted to switch our community management company due to the increases that I thought were unreasonable. Your company has proven itself to be responsive to our phone inquiries, and reasonable with respect to citing for violations. Everyone is treated with respect and with even-handed treatment. I look forward to your continued service to our HOA. Thanks again. C. Smith

        Letter to Equus Mangement

      • Strada Fiorita is a 30 unit single family home complex on Skyline Drive across from Skyline Villas. While a relatively small community, we have faced the same fractious issues as larger communities. For nearly three years, Equus has provided excellent management servies in every respect, but especially during times when HOA board members present more issues than solutions. Equus Mangement people skills have many a time solved issues before they became problems. Previously known as Double Diamond Property Management, they have a good base of service contacts throughout the Reno-Sparks area. They come with our board's highest recommendation! J. Taylor, President

        e-mail to Equus Management Group