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      • Equus Management Group Scope of Community Management Services

        Glaena Estates Reno

        Equus Management Group is a locally owned and experienced HOA and Community Management Company serving the greater northern Nevada area. Our community management scope of services target complete association management, HOA advisement, and tailored HOA services for neighborhood homeowner’s associations, apartment/condo communities, and business parks. 

        We have two offices, one in Reno and one in Sparks, and manage properties in the entire Reno/Sparks area, including Spanish Springs, Fallon, Fernley, Carson City and Elko. No community association or HOA is too small for Equus Management Group. We can tailor services to meet your specific community association's needs. Just request a complimentary proposal by clicking here.


      • State of the Art Association Management Technology

        Our state of the art VMS System includes everything from accounting, compliance, collections, and delinquency control, to interactive web modules allowing residents, HOA managers, board members and vendors to interact and communicate in real time.  VMS can and will increase the efficiency and productivity of your HOA. Equus Management Group VMS Features include:

        • VMS provides fully integrated accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger modules.  All data is processed and managed in real-time.   Integrated G/L budgeting, allows for automated budget generation.  Unlimited customized reports and parameters, in addition to access to over 440 pre-configured report templates, all populated with real-time data.
        Delinquency Control
        • Collection Management; Automated Account Analysis; Intelligent Balance Analysis; Sequenced Letter Processing; Automated Email Notices

        • The VMS Collections module will allow you to automate and efficiently manage the collection process. Using predefined letter
        sequences with automated charges and batch processing over one or all of your communities at the same time. Our system will save your board members valuable time in this traditionally laborious task. VMS also integrates with collection agencies to provide up to the minute data on delinquent accounts.
        Web Portals
        VMS creates a customizable website for your HOA, providing real-time access to the information your residents, employees and vendors need, thus reducing telephone calls and saving your board time and money. It also offers:
        • Controlled online access to reports and documents for your board members and residents, as well as approved outside vendors.
        • Resident opt-in automated email system responses for payment, unpaid balances, architectural, compliance and work order notifications.
        • Board email notifications for architectural, work order and invoice work flow review.
        Community Management
        • VMS includes a suite of comprehensive community management modules designed to increase your company’s productivity. Automated compliance management and work orders with real-time data for board members and outside vendors.
        • Architectural and compliance task management, digital document handing, letter creation and committee/resident interactions are all managed effectively within VMS. An advanced web module is included, providing up-to-date information for your board members, residents and vendors, thus cutting call volume and saving you time.

        Automated Task Scheduler
        • The Automated Task Scheduler provides your board with the ability to plan and execute future tasks such as billing, lockbox processing, database backup, homeowner notifications and report generation to various media (printer shares, electronic files or website posting). This automation ensures that critical tasks will be performed accurately and on time. The Queue can also be used to schedule the rendering and distribution of reports and budgets to approved board members, or outside vendors.


      • Accounting and Administrative Management for HOA's

        Accounting / HOA Financial Services:

        • Accounts receivable
        • Accounts payable
        • Issue coupon books and collect assessments
        • Maintain monthly financials
        • Manage electronic assessment payments
        • Provide escrow services
        • Maintain member database
        • Prepare monthly financial statements

        Administrative Services:

        Below is a general list of Administrative services provided by the Community Manager. You are not limited to these services as they can be tailored to the meet the individual needs of each association.

        • Executive Secretary to the Board of Directors
        • Governing document consulting
        • Budget preparation
        • Manage delinquencies
        • Review and pay invoices
        • Assist in preparation of annual budget
        • Reporting and collection management
        • Insurance review
        • Record keeping
        • Preparation of requests for proposals
        • Supervision of subcontractors
        • Arrange porter services
        • Preparation of meeting minutes
        • Owner database maintenance
        • Maintain maintenance records
        • Plan, coordinate and prepare agendas & attend meetings as agreed in contract
        • Orient new board members
        • Handle website maintenance
        • Copy and distribute newsletters when requested
        • Assist in contract negotiations
        • Review security company reports
        • Insurance reporting
        • Ombudsman and Secretary of State filings
        • Act as liaison with HOA attorneys, insurance agents and/or contracted vendors
        • Prepare/process transfer information for re-sales
        • Any other services agreed to in the proposal


      • CC&R Compliance/Building and Common Area Maintenance for HOA's

        • CC&R Enforcement
        • Compliance with NRS116 by performing periodic property inspections
        • Light maintenance of common areas
        • Supervise Contractors and Employees
        • Maintain common area facilities
        • Provide 24/7 Emergency Response resources
        • Architectural reviews with board or committee
        • Landscape maintenance review for contractual compliance
        • Maintain rules and regulations
      • Equus Management Group Offers a Reputation Built on Exceptional Customer Service

        • We specialize in association management so we can devote our time to providing the highest level of customer service available.
        • Live receptionist Monday- Friday 8am to 5pm
        • 24-hr. answering service after hours
        • Managers accessible by cell phones
        • Provide conference room to board members as needed
        • Community Manager attends monthly and/or annual meetings as agreed to in contract as needed by the association