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        Equus Management Group: Free Lunch and Learn Seminar for Equus Board Members and by special invitation only.

        Who should attend: Association Boards of Directors currently managed by Equus

        When: Wednesday, May 31, 2017

        Time: 11am-1pm

        Where: Equus Management Group, 5480 Reno Corporate Drive, Suite 100

        Topic: Landscaping for Success in Northern Nevada

        Presenter: Rick Clark at Omega Environmental Solutions

        Seminar Description:

        The irrigation systems in this region are 60 to 70 percent inefficient. Learn how to help plants survive in a region where organic, rich topsoil exists in very few locations. Learn about the best plant selections for different regions and gain a wider understanding about the soil in different regions, irrigation, and what can thrive in Nevada with the proper care. Rick will also provide homeowners and board members with a better understanding about how desert plants need a balanced fertilization process and how organic solutions can help over synthetic fertilizers. Finally, how organic solutions for pest control can also help your plants.

        Topics Covered:

        • Irrigation systems- Proper irrigation to trees and shrubs is crucial for plant health and vigor. An audit will tell you if the system is engineered properly, whether precipitation rates are matching, and whether considerations are being made for soil types, slope, drainage and exposure. These factors will determine the efficiency of the system, and how well it can be managed or if it is in need of renovation or repair.
        • Soils – Learn how to have a Soil Test in a done as an effective way to determine how to fertilize and augment the soil and how introducing organic matter like mycorrhiza, and feeding with organic fertilizers will help to ensure success and reduce toxins in our environment.
        • Proper plant selections- Learn what plants thrive the best in different areas. This is the key to a successful outdoor environment. Soils – Learn how to have a Soil Test in a done is an effective way to determine how to fertilize.
        • Organic Pest Control- Learn about organic alternatives to chemicals for pest control.

        Call or e-mail to register indicating the number of people who plan on attending. Lunch will be provided.


        Questions? E-mail: Debra@equusmanagement.com or call (775) 852-2224

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        Northern Nevada HOA Tradeshow

        Equus Management Group co-sponsored the Northern Nevada HOA Tradeshow on March 29th, 2017.  We had three winners in our raffle, including one winner for Reno Aces tickets, and two winners for the Reno Aces Jerseys!

        We enjoyed meeting a vast-array of  Board Members, and answering various questions.  We hope to see more people attend next year to take advantage of all of the FREE CE Classes. Various Board Members said that they found the classes very helpful. If you did not attend, we hope that you will next year!

        More information at: https://nnhoatradeshow.com/