• Buy Local – Support Reno Area Locally Owned Businesses like Equus Management


      From barber shops to bike shops, clothing stores, and family owned businesses, locally owned businesses in the Reno area work every day to earn your trust with quality goods and services. While they are at it, they employ local residents, and pay local taxes. Equus Management Group is a Member of Nevada’s Locally Owned Businesses and supports other locally owned businesses.

      Supporting locally owned businesses is good for everyone living in the Reno area. Dollars circulate through the community rather than leaving town like they do when we spend at corporate and national businesses. Buying local helps create a wonderful mix of small businesses throughout various districts in town, giving us more personal shopping experiences that can actually be enjoyable. Think about it – when was the last time you thought it was fun to be pushed and shoved by crowds and ignored by salespeople (who know nothing anyway) at the big mall or big box store?

      Why Shopping Local is Good for Our Community

      Study after study shows that buying at locally owned businesses provides multiple benefits to communities. Here are a few, gleaned from a number of sources…

      • According to the City of Reno, if everyone shifted 10 percent of their spending to local businesses, we would generate $350 million in our community. Every dollar spent locally generates three dollars in local economic activity.
      • When you buy from a locally owned business, rather than at nationally owned businesses, significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses and service providers.
      • Locally owned business owners support non-profit organizations an average of 250% more than large national businesses.
      • Locally owned, unique businesses help define our community’s character and boost tourism. Visitors like to go to distinctive places rather than the same old stuff found everywhere.
      • Locally owned businesses provide good jobs for local residents, which has a domino effect in that these employees tend to spend at other small businesses.
      • You get better service at locally owned businesses – they know their products and services, and more importantly, they get to know you, the customer.
      • Local business owners are invested in the community and more likely to contribute to the area’s future well-being.
      • A variety of local small businesses can better cater to their customers’ needs and interests.
      • Locally owned businesses use public services more efficiently and generally require little infrastructure investment than nationally owned stores. Think big box stores in sprawling shopping centers on the fringes of town needing new streets, water and electricity, and fire and police services.

      For a more in-depth discussion about the advantages of supporting our locally owned businesses, refer to “The Benefits of Shopping and Buying Locally”from the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA).

      Sources: City of Reno, American Independent Business Alliance, Sustainable Connections, American Express.


      Equus Management Group is northern Nevada’s Largest Locally Owned and Family Operated Association Management Company, and a Member of Nevada Based Locally Owned supporting local businesses. 

      Equus Mangement Group is a Locally Owned and Operated Community Management Company